Breadle © is a cooperation between bookstores, publishing houses, online bookstores and developers. READERS, the most important group in the book industry, will benefit from this cooperation at every level.

With the BREADLE ©-app, readers are able to:

1) Buy hybrid books (book, e-book and/or audiobook in one)
2) Stream e-books and audiobooks
3) Find the nearest bookstores and books in stock.

No other company in the world publishes hybrid books yet. Technically, it is possible for your iPhone to remember where you stopped reading and to continue reading your e-book or listening to your audiobook at the exact same sentence. To hold a book in your hands, listen to it and read it simultaneously is not something for the future. Hybrid books belong to this day and age.

Breadle © is bringing the online and offline book market together.
And Breadle © helps you: easily finishing your book!



Met dank aan: Jelte Boersma